Welcome to The Business Catalyst

Welcome to the team!

We're excited to be working with you and to start automating your business - saving you time, growing your sales and keeping you organised. We've put together some useful information about how we work and what you can expect from us!

Getting Started


Our onboarding form collects key information to ensure we have what we need to get started and moving forward. If you haven’t already completed this 5 minute process, please go here.

It will help speed things up, but if you don’t manage it, your coach will go through it with you on your first call.

To complete it, you will need where relevant:

  • Your Keap ID
  • Your Logo
  • A google email that we can share files with (if you don’t have a google account or you want to associate an existing email address you can see how to do this here)


We NEVER share passwords via email! We use 1Password (a secure password repository) to store logins.

We need passwords to be shared using the sharing service onetimesecret.com.

No account is required, and the information you send is encrypted and will automatically expire after 7 days.

  1. Simply copy & paste your list of passwords:
    URL, Username + Password (for each credential)

  2. Share with us the passphrase that you create (so we can open it).

  3. Share the link which is created (you will be prompted on screen).

  4. We will transfer your credentials into our password repository.

How We Work

At The Business Catalyst, our number one priority is to create a great customer experience by serving you and providing amazing results.

Data protection is one of our highest priorities and is integral to the way we work. Whilst working with us, we will….

  • Use 1Password to safely and securely hold your login credentials.
  • Only permit relevant team members to have access to your data (including credentials on 1Passwords).
  • Be fully compliment with all relevant Data Protection legislation, including GDPR compliance laws.

We will share a Google Drive folder with you to hold shared resources and assets such as your branding guide and company logo, our template for copy (to be completed when requesting new or updated email or SMS copy) and recordings of our calls.

We understand that things happen, and you may need to rearrange your coaching call. We ask that requests to change a meeting are received at least 48 hours in advance. If you change, cancel, or miss your coaching call with less than 48 hours’ notice, we cannot guarantee we will be able to rearrange that call.

(such as building new automations, amending existing automations or requesting training) should go directly to your coach during your calls.

Your coach will set the timeframe for completing this work, usually by your next call, and will add this work to the development pipeline. Our pipeline has a minimum 5 working-day turnaround.

Requests for new work or updates submitted via our Client Request Form will be reviewed on your next call and actioned thereafter.

(When something isn’t working as expected) might require a more urgent response.

Request for technical support are submitted via our Client Request Form, available on our website under ‘Contact’. We also offer WhatsApp support by texting 07983 093357.

This will automatically open a support ticket and ensure that we handle your problem promptly and efficiently. Email requests are likely to take longer as we may be less responsive on email.

Should you use an integration tool such as Zapier or Make, we will set up direct notifications to alert us to any issues.