Vision Mission & Core Values

Discover how you can create a significant impact this year without  having to sacrifice your personal life

A complimentary workshop that will walk you through, step by step,  how you can make your vision a reality and make sure that every action you take is worth it.

Did 2022 live up to your expectations? are you fed up with experiencing overwhelm and disappointment.

Do you want to be sure to not put that year on a rinse and repeat?

Does it sometimes feel like you’re running enthusiastically in the wrong direction

Even though you’ve only just taken a few steps into the year are you already feeling burned out?

Did you, in fact, smash last year and now you’re at a loss for what to do next and find that you’re bored?

Trust me you’re far from alone!

This is why we’ve been inspired to create a workshop where you can create the direction you need and create the impact you desire anywhere in your life and business.

At this workshop, you’ll get clarity on how to

By the end of this workshop you will walk away with your fool proof lift off plan

Your Hosts

Lisa Catto

Lisa is acknowledged as a thought leader in the field of business growth using automation for small business, having won multiple awards. 

Having been a business owner since the early 1990’s she has a broad experience and expertise in both business and marketing.

Her legacy story is one that fascinates audiences. 

An early adopter of digital marketing in the days of dial up modems, Lisa worked with large FMCG and bluechip brands such as adidas, Unilever, Kelloggs, Quaker, Ferroro Roche, Nestlé, McVitie’s (to name a few) in either placing them 3rd party promotional software (computer games) or making software for promotional use (on pack / in pack offers).

Responsible for placing the adidas ball in EA’s Fifa Soccer and the multitudes of brands in Sony’s Gran Turismo are just a sample of the kind of the cutting edge innovation that contributes to her story.

Tiffany Bridges

A serial entrepreneur, seasoned business coach/consultant, performance coach, and product development leader.
Tiffany specializes in helping entrepreneurs take their native genius in how they help their clients and create a highly profitable scalable service. She understands how best to align solutions to your ideal client’s desires and how to increase results, get results faster, and keep them engaged. The Time to Value Journey is key to creating raving fans and increasing lifetime client value – a critical metric content creators, coaches, and service providers should be focused on.
She has worked with well known companies, government agencies, and thought leaders over the last 15 years. She is a master student and continues to invest in her own personal growth and development.

Keeping clients for longer reduces the effort and stress exponentially on acquiring new clients, increases referrals and creates the freedom in your life that you’ve worked so hard for.

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