Uncover the Gold In Your Google Ads Account

Transform Your Google Ads Success and Unearth the Hidden Master Metrics

This workshop will help you to gain clarity on the effectiveness of your Google Ads tracking.

Discover and uncover elusive pockets of opportunity, and distinguish between metrics that matter and those that merely flatter

This comprehensive session will empower you in how to:

  • Navigate your Google Ad conversions
  • Discern the nuances between keywords and search terms
  • Harness the untapped insights within the Search Term Report
Learn to tailor metrics like ROAS, CPA, CTR, and CPC to your business objectives, 
while discerning what truly defines a ‘good‘ metric.

During this workshop, we will cover:

Dive into Google Ad conversion actions

Understand the difference between keywords and search terms

Uncover the gold in the Search Term Report

Define which metrics fit your business type

Determine what makes a metric ‘good’

Your Hosts

Lisa Catto

Lisa is acknowledged as a thought leader in the field of business growth using automation for small business, having won multiple awards. 

Having been a business owner since the early 1990’s she has a broad experience and expertise in both business and marketing.

An early adopter of digital marketing in the days of dial up modems, Lisa worked with large FMCG and bluechip brands such as adidas, Unilever, Kelloggs, Quaker, Ferroro Roche, Nestlé, McVitie’s (to name a few) in either placing them 3rd party promotional software (computer games) or making software for promotional use (on pack / in pack offers).

Responsible for placing the adidas ball in EA’s Fifa Soccer and the multitudes of brands in Sony’s Gran Turismo are just a sample of the kind of the cutting edge innovation that contributes to her story.

Ewan Rayment

Ewan has over 16 years experience in the digital marketing sector, managing £millions of ad spend for companies like Aldi and Proviz.

As the founder of Webleaf, a paid acquisition agency, Ewan loves working collaboratively with businesses to reverse engineer their goals into impactful paid ad strategies and often simplifies the complex digital world for clients, offering personalised, actionable advice.

Outside of Webleaf, Ewan is passionate about fitness and mental health and can often be found photographing his UK adventures.

Discover more at: www.webleaf.co.uk

Learn how to leverage your Google Ads for maximum gain.