How to Gain Back 30 working Days a Year

Bored of always being busy and never done?

You’re not alone! – In this advanced world in which we, live we are busier than ever with a wider variety of tasks to complete and a broad range of different hats to wear.

But… we Catalysts have mastered how to create time.

We worked out that if you can gain back 5 minutes 20 times a day you can win a full 30 working days a year – here’s the math.

  • 12 x 5 minutes = 1 hour
  • 1 hour x 20 working days a month = 20 hours
  • 20 hours x 12 months = 240 hours

Assuming you work an 8 hour day, 240 hours / 8 hours is ……. 

30 Working Days

So, now you’re mind is whirring and thinking – 5 mins …. 5 mins …. what do I do repeatedly every day, day after day that I could automate and save that 5 minutes?

It could be as simple as an auto reply, an auto scheduler, not trawling through your sent items, to find that mail.

This is an area of our expertise – we have won back time, over and over, for a wide range of businesses across every sector you can imagine.

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