Meet The team

I have been in marketing since 1995, when I was working with large FMCG brands like Kellogg’s, Nestle, adidas, Coke, McVities, Sony. An exotic mix of Geek meets Marketing!

Lisa Catto

Hoping for the best but planning for the worst. I strategise the future growth of the company, whilst managing our risks and our performance along the way.

Stephen Rooney

A place for everything, and everything in its place! I keep the cogs turning, ensuring both staff and clients are moving forward and happy.

Catherine Rooney

I build slick systems for accountability and great user experience. We visualise data to show when things are working well, and when they’re not.

Fred FitzGerald

A Business Automation Expert in Ontario, Canada. I’ve served more than 6000 current and prospective small business owners and navigate the startup and scale up phases of entrepreneurship.

Cameron Tulloch

I help entrepreneurs and professionals build high-quality courses, delivering maximum results to their audience, while also helping them automate the entire process as seamlessly as possible.

Rick Sheninger

I believe customers are the most important part of any business. I never give up until I get something right!

Dharmesh Tanna

I’m a Keap Specialist. I help clients build marketing and business process automations through the use of various marketing automation softwares.

Ryan Cootauco

I help simplify complex problems into simple solutions. Specialising in digital marketing, software development and blockchain.

Pazbi Zavatzki

I have 10 years of front end development experience and digital project management.

Panos Vassos

A 9 figure copywriter and strategist who specialises in all things sales funnels and customer journeys. My superpower is in helping make my clients a lot of money!

Arfa Iqbal

I specialise in helping entrepreneurs take their native genius in how they help their clients and create a highly profitable scalable service.

Tiffany Bridges