Linkthority: How to connect and sell high-ticket services with LinkedIn

Learn about ”The C4 Method” – a cutting-edge approach to selling high-ticket products and services.

For astute business owners and professionals who’d like to sell more high-ticket products or services – powered by LinkedIn in the weeks and months ahead.

Come network, listen and learn from John Bellamy, Founder & CEO – Direct MSGing as he shares
“The C4
an advanced sales method for selling high-ticket products & services.

During this workshop, you will learn:

Proven to generate an influx of leads, conversations and sales via LinkedIn for his high-paying clients
around the globe – by attending this session you’ll discover how to:

CONNECT: With more of your ideal future clients, more often…Grow your highly targeted database FAST!

COMMUNICATE: Consistently distribute spellbinding, sort after content your connections love…Expand your
influence with EASE!

CONVERT: More quality sales conversations into cash…Add extra zeros to your bank account without the
fear of being “sleazy”.

CULTIVATE: Strong, longer-lasting relationships with your connections and high-paying clients and partners…PLUS gain more referrals!

Your Hosts

Lisa Catto

Lisa is acknowledged as a thought leader in the field of business growth using automation for small business, having won multiple awards. 

Having been a business owner since the early 1990’s she has a broad experience and expertise in both business and marketing.

Her legacy story is one that fascinates audiences. 

An early adopter of digital marketing in the days of dial up modems, Lisa worked with large FMCG and bluechip brands such as adidas, Unilever, Kelloggs, Quaker, Ferroro Roche, Nestlé, McVitie’s (to name a few) in either placing them 3rd party promotional software (computer games) or making software for promotional use (on pack / in pack offers).

Responsible for placing the adidas ball in EA’s Fifa Soccer and the multitudes of brands in Sony’s Gran Turismo are just a sample of the kind of the cutting edge innovation that contributes to her story.

John Bellamy

John Bellamy is the guy organisations (small and large) come to when they want to know how to turn more conversations into cash.

Having been a direct response marketer since 1999, John’s helped thousands of
customers in many industries including Management Consulting, Finance, Sales, IT, Manufacturing, and many more – develop more conversations (and sales) with their ideal future customers.

John helps astute business owners (and their teams) amplify their influence, monetise their existing database, and generate more conversations and sales…with a critical focus on LinkedIn.

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Learn how to leverage your online and offline
assets for maximum gain.