Life On Air

Life on Air

A truly inspiring conversation with Jason Wojo and Polish Pete!

We dove dep into how becoming a better person can feel like an overwhelming task.

How do you deal with the mistakes you’ll make along the way? How do you address your habits and behaviors that feel out of your control? How do you REALLY start believing you are capable of something greater?


I’m in the business of transformation and lucky enough to work with a lot of very very cool coaches and mentors.  I know I can create more impact in the world as the “Enabler of Changemakers.”


I, like many, have spent years working on my own potential and who I’m being (I’m still work in progress).  In this podcast I share some of my personal development strategies.


As Jason Wojo says, 

this episode is loaded with more than gold nuggets, these are cinder blocks!

We cover:

  • How to hack your habits so you can stop being triggered and start making better decisions
  • The way changing your story works to help you get out of your own way
  • How to use “rails” in your life to keep you from losing momentum
  • The power of having a support system that you know has your best interest and will be honest with you (and what can happen when you learn to coachable with their feedback)
  • How to expertly tow the line between having grace for yourself when you mess up and taking responsibility so you can move forward a better you

It’s not about being perfect (none of us are).

It’s about setting yourself up to inch towards a better version of yourself each day.

I really hope you have some massive “ahas” so you too can be the king or queen of your niche, or the enabler of something incredible!

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