Efficient and Automated Systems for Building a Sales Business With Lisa Catto

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About the episode:

If you want to grow your sales business, implementing consistent processes and hiring strategic partners to execute them is critical. So how can you boost efficiency in your firm?

As a productivity and automation aficionado, with forging intentional alliances with executives who share your values, align with your culture, and complement your skills. This ensures you can document and apply organized systems. When creating these procedures, to identify inefficient areas and provide team accountability to ensure follow-through.

In this episode of Systems Simplified, Adi Klevit welcomes Lisa Catto, the CEO of The Business Catalyst, who shares tactical processes for maximizing company efficiency. Talking about our team buy-in strategies, how to align strategic partners with business culture, and proprietary systems for relationship-building.

A Glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • The entrepreneurial journey and interest in automation and efficiency
  • Proprietary processes for relationship-building 
  • How to align referral partners with company culture
  • Designated automation and efficiency systems 
  • Tried-and-true team buy-in strategies
  • The significance of processes and procedures for businesses