Do you own a business or does your job own you?

Become an Entrepreneur they said...

It'll be fun, they said...

You’ll have more free time to do what you love, to spend time with your family and have more holidays!

so they said …..

It all seemed like such a good idea at the time and now our experience is that many business owners are running themselves ragged and burning themselves out working harder than ever to get the basics done.

All too often it seems that we as business owners are wearing badly fitting hats, suddenly becoming our own bookkeepers, HR consultants, mediators, marketeers, customer service agents, salesmen, buyers …. the list goes on.

and they are not having fun anymore.

In the Catalyst Workshops we show business owners the path to their own success, initially starting out with Why? they do what they do – what was the passion and belief that made them take this turning in their life, and we bring it to life, working on the business culture, core values and defining goals – in order that not just the business owner, but any staff / contractors / clients / colleagues and associates all know what it means to work with or for that business – and why they would want to.

From there the journey continues through looking at the People, Data, KPIs, Processes, and a whole lot more offering the tools, support, mentoring and education so that there is a route to having the lifestyle that we set out to be at the start.

These workshops are ideal for any business owner that wants to get unblocked and take the next steps to grow their business – whether a one man band – or a staff roster of 30+.