Community Engagement Framework Revealed

Covering the 3 pillars of a well-designed community that drives member-led engagement and meaningful connections between your members. 

We’ll dive deep so you can walk away with actionable material that will increase engagement immediately.

During this workshop, you will learn:

Want to turn your group into a tight-knit family of happy promoters?

Well here’s the secret…

It takes a lot more than great content to activate your community.

Join this super fun webinar where Jade will show you how to design a bustling, engaged community that creates RAVING FANS and a BIG IMPACT for your brand!

Your Hosts

Lisa Catto

Lisa is acknowledged as a thought leader in the field of business growth using automation for small business, having won multiple awards. 

Having been a business owner since the early 1990’s she has a broad experience and expertise in both business and marketing.

An early adopter of digital marketing in the days of dial up modems, Lisa worked with large FMCG and bluechip brands such as adidas, Unilever, Kelloggs, Quaker, Ferroro Roche, Nestlé, McVitie’s (to name a few) in either placing them 3rd party promotional software (computer games) or making software for promotional use (on pack / in pack offers).

Responsible for placing the adidas ball in EA’s Fifa Soccer and the multitudes of brands in Sony’s Gran Turismo are just a sample of the kind of the cutting edge innovation that contributes to her story.

Jade Olivia

With a background in professional dancing and cheerleading, coaching, music, and marketing automation, Jade combines these skills to serve her favourite people in the world – entrepreneurs.

While Jade can nerd-out with the best of them when it comes to automating small businesses, the part she enjoys most is the relationships she makes. 

Because of her natural ability to make people feel seen, heard and loved (even in Facebook Groups or on Zoom) she also professionally manages online communities, and trains others on her data-driven approach to focused, community-led engagement.

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