What is Clickbait?

Clickbait, in terms of marketing email – is when you are sending an email specifically to get someone to click on a link. (pretty self explanatory, I know!).

Now we all want people to click on our links … right?  It increases our engagement and improves our reputation with the email delivery severs.

However, the email servers are now changing tact.  The practice of encouraging link clicks based on sensationalist headlines and ‘tricking’ people into consuming content without delivering the promised results.

Why is it a problem?

As of writing this (Novembe 2021) – with Black Friday on the very near horizon, the email delivery servers are changing their algorithms and rules of play.

The postmasters, since 2019, are using AI to check out your compliance with their rulebook – and if they consider your headlines to be clickbait – your email will be swiftly placed in the junk/spam or promotions folder and the reputation of your domain impacted.


What's the solution?

Well – stop using clickbait headlines…. obvs!

  • Increase your copy to be value content
  • Improve your copy to be conversational NOT salesy
  • Reduce the number of links in your mails
  • Reduce the extensive formatting in your mails
  • Reduce the number of images in your mails
  • Send consistent volumes of emails at a consistent frequency

Talk to them – Don’t sell to them