About The Business Catalyst

We are one of the UKs and Europe’s leading independent automation experts specialising in strategising the design and implementation of the ideal customer journey through a business’ marketing, sales, operation and finance taking them from prospect to raving fan.

Our wealth of expertise and decades of experience allows us to realise our passion for unleashing business owners in order that they can grow, by supporting them in all the ways it counts with both business and marketing strategies including systemising, automating hand in hand with goal setting, planning, accountability, finance literacy and more

To support our activity as award winning Keap Certified Partners, we call on our extensive network of experts, when required, to pull together teams of world class specialists for digital/online marketing strategies including SEO, SEO Copywriting, Website Audits, Google AdWords, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest), Newsletter Marketing, Direct Response, PR and social networking campaigns.

From the initial marketing journey capturing a prospect’s details so they can be nurtured and educated through the sales pipeline until they are a customer to whom you want to deliver an amazing product or service.

This often includes reviewing existing systems and processes to get the business really streamlined and effective.

Creating Ideal Customer Journeys

We recognise that business owners are really good at their skill, or trade or profession and that they can struggle with the actual running and scaling of their business – that’s where we thrive.

Our Values & Mantras


What it means

Design for simplicity

Be clear & visible

Align action with intention

What it doesn't mean

Overthinking / 


Wasting time on

Walk the

What it means

Seek to understand

Speak your mind

Be congruent

What it doesn't mean

Acting with assumption or prejudice

Being rude, blaming or disrespectful. Bullying

Sticking to a bad plan


What it means

Embrace change

Be resilient & persevere

Seek answer & find solutions

What it doesn't mean

Being stuck in your ways

Avoiding or

Waiting to be told what
to do

About Lisa

Lisa has been an entrepreneur since 1990 with her core focus steadfastly consistently being – “if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”

Her primary concern is around quality, organisation and efficiency. She is in fact obsessed with efficiency, which probably has more to do with her keenness to get on with the next task at hand and not waste time that could be put to better use.  Her belief is that if you want to provide good, cost-effective services, efficiency is always the key, which as an added bonus releases up time like magic to strategise your business more, or have more free time for adventures.

Her journey in digital marketing started around 1995, before the internet was fully up and running, working on marketing strategies for large blue chips including adidas, McVitie’s, Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Quaker and Sony, managing their online / in-game presence in 3rd party entertainment software; bespoke software (games) and web content.

Since then, she’s worked with clients from a variety of sectors including technology, accountancy, coaching/training, entertainment/hospitality, legal, demolition/construction, interior design and the arts.


Infusionsoft / Keap Certified Partner

Awarded Top International Service Partner of the Year 2020

Awarded Territory MVP (Most Valuable Partner) of the Year 2021

As an Infusionsoft/Keap Certified Partner, she is one of only a handful of people in the UK qualified to train businesses in this game-changing software. Strategising, designing, implementing and managing campaigns that help companies streamline their CRM, operations, sales & marketing funnels.

As an ardent software geek, if it makes things work better, she’s in !


Professional, practical, proactive and very easy to work with As a business owner, you need to know many things – the most important thing I needed to know was Lisa is brilliant at what she does Lisa’s in-depth knowledge of the software saved me hours of time and frustration Her thorough communication and follow up is rare from service providers 

Honestly speaking, Lisa radically altered my perspectives for the better with regard to running and growing my business. Techniques, tips, tools – all delivered brilliantly towards one end: my taking responsibility and control of the road ahead. I am now doing so much more ON my business rather than just being IN business. So grateful. Owe a permanent debt. Lisa is life-changing!


Within my first meeting with Lisa, I knew it was the right decision because she just took everything out of my head. What I thought was going to be complex and difficult things to do – she made it easy for me. We’re running things totally differently now – much closer to what we should have been doing years ago. We were paying three people to effectively do two people’s jobs. It was an actual person’s entire wage!


Lisa has transformed the way we manage our new business funnel, introducing systems that have streamlined our ways of working and has dramatically increased conversation rates.

It’s very seldom that I meet someone smarter than me (LOL) …. but Lisa is a match!. Highly recommended for Marketing Business Strategy, Saving Time and Automation
We originally asked Lisa to come in to straighten out our Infusionsoft, she grasped our business model very quickly – tidied up the app and implemented all of our ideas and a few of her own. She is very quick to respond and action our demands and happily liaises with our developers and other partners, always solving the problem.

We now have a fully automated system, allowing the whole patient journey to be totally automated, which is making it super efficient and effective. And bringing brilliant results to our team.


Lisa and her team have been instrumental in our first cleaning up our current Infusionsoft Account then with setting up reporting via API to our internal system. Her team has also taking on the primary copy writing for all email sequences and graphic design within those email sequences. Outside of Infusionsoft Lisa has launched our LiveChat system. She is also well versed in Zapier, website development, and working with our internal IT department. Unlike many tech consultants her and her team are very fast, excellent with communication, and deliver a producing product that has helped us increase conversions on every step of our funnel. It’s the best of both worlds- tech Development, but thinks like a marketer. We, here at The Perfect Workout, the world’s largest individually owned personal training company, highly recommend Lisa!


A nurse who used to work with us full time was away for three and a half years. She saw the paper based system we had before and has seen the new automation systems that we have now – her jaw dropped. She said, ‘I can now see why you’ve been banging on about this for the last few years. Because every single thing, all the tasks that used to take us an hour now take 10 minutes’. And that for me, just looking at it from a staff morale perspective, I think it is worth an investment!