Create An Incredible Customer Experience Whilst Simplifying Your Business Processes

We Take You From Stressed To Success With Automated Customer Journeys That Give You More Time, More Sales & Happier Customers!

It’s Time To Take Back Control Of Your Business

If you’ve always wanted a faster, easier, stress-free way to grow your business and wow your customers, you’re in the right place.

From generating the right leads and engaging them so they’re ready to buy, to encouraging customers to make more purchases more often – there’s a LOT that goes into growing a profitable business where both YOU and your customers are happy!

Growth requires the right systems and processes in place – but if you don’t have any or your current systems are inefficient, it can leave you feeling stressed out and as if you’re being pulled in a million different directions.

Worse, if you’re not actively engaging or creating consistently good experiences for your prospects and customers, you’ll lose out to the competition instead!

Growing a successful business shouldn’t be so hard!

That’s why we focus on creating a WOW experience for your customers while helping you take back control of your business and your life.

Hi, I’m Lisa Catto And I’m Known As The Queen Of Automation.

Over the last decade, my team and I have helped countless small businesses achieve freedom and growth by making them highly efficient AND customer-focused using my 3-step Freedom Catalyst™Method.

Better Customer Experiences, One
Automation At A Time…

We believe that a better business starts with the end in mind – your customers! By focusing on building an incredible customer journey, we can help you confidently grow your business – one automation at a time.

The Ideal Customer Journey is what your audience experiences as they continually interact with your brand. When done correctly, it not only creates a fantastic impression of your business to prospects, but it also simplifies your sales process.

We’ll Work With You

To design and implement the Ideal Customer Journey that fits the needs of your business, so you can create an incredible experience for your customers.

In fact, having an automated customer journey can do the following:

  • Eliminate the ‘friction points’ in your business for a smoother customer experience
  • Create an incredible experience for your customers so they fall in love with your brand and become repeat customers
  • Identify the ‘black holes’ in your business where customers are falling through the cracks so you can increase engagement and sales
  • Effortlessly engage your customers and KEEP them engaged even after purchases so they’re MORE likely to spend more money with you
  • Stop doing time-sucking tasks that can easily be automated, freeing you up for more important things like having fun!
  • Make sales on autopilot 24/7 so you can hit your sales targets and revenue goals faster
  • Easily grow and scale your business without being a slave to it
  • Achieve TRUE freedom and flexibility without sacrificing your precious time
  • Confidently increase sales at every stage of the customer journey
  • Create predictability and consistency in your sales by improving positive cash flow (no more boom and bust cycles!)

To design and implement the Ideal Customer Journey that fits the needs of your business, so you can create an incredible experience for your customers.

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Stop Wasting Time On Things That Can Be Automated!

Automation brings elegance and flow to all your marketing, systems, operations, and processes without the hassle and stress of doing it yourself.

Imagine saving a few hours a day on tasks that can easily be automated – over the weeks and months, this can transform your business AND your life, giving you your valuable time back to spend it on the things that matter to you.

My Catalyst™ Freedom Method Can Do All Of This And More - Here’s How:


Create a detailed one-page roadmap of the ideal customer journey from the moment they enter your world to becoming a repeat customer.


Implement the systems and processes needed to support your team and engage prospects without the stress of doing it manually.


Watch your engagement, sales and business grow with happier customers who repeatedly buy from you.

My Catalyst™ Freedom method leverages your time more effectively by creating seamless and predictable systems and processes so you can continually wow your audience and consistently turn leads into sales.

Business Made Seamless & Easy!

With my 3-step Catalyst™ Freedom Method, you’ll never struggle with your time or your sales again.

Poor cash flow and lack of customer engagement will be a thing of the past, and you’ll benefit from greater freedom, happier customers, and increased stability.

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Honestly speaking, Lisa radically altered my perspectives for the better with regard to running and growing my business. Techniques, tips, tools – all delivered brilliantly towards one end: my taking responsibility and control of the road ahead. I am now doing so much more ON my business rather than just being IN business. So grateful. Owe a permanent debt. Lisa is life-changing!
Al Tepper
Founder of Tepfu
Professional, practical, proactive and very easy to work with As a business owner, you need to know many things – the most important thing I needed to know was Lisa is brilliant at what she does Lisa’s in-depth knowledge of the software saved me hours of time and frustration Her thorough communication and follow up is rare from service providers

Oscar Trimboli

Listener | Author | Speaker

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